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Heavy Rain Showers bring Mumbai to a Standstill

India’s financial capital, Mumbai, came to a standstill after continuous heavy rainfall, measuring close to 300 mm over last 24 hours. It paralysed the city’s transport and telecommunication services, leaving thousands of people marooned and disrupting business.

The city’s lifeline — suburban trains which ferry 75 lakh people daily — was the worst affected as all three lines were out of service due to waterlogging. Bus and other transport services came to a halt, while several long-haul trains and flights were rescheduled.

Before this, the highest June downpour in the last 10 years was 299 mm on June 10, 1991.

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) director V K Rajeev attributed the heavy rainfall to an offshore trough and upper cyclonic circulation over the Arabian Sea. The department has requested the people to stay indoors, as similar rainfall is expected for the next 1-2 days as well.

Ajoy Mehta, Commissioner, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), said the city had received roughly “10 per cent of the total [monsoon] rainfall over just 24 hours”.

The BMC, jointly run by the Shiv Sena and the Bharatiya Janata Party, came under severe criticism for the waterlogging and unpreparedness to face the monsoon. Mr. Mehta said the situation had worsened as some pumps were not functional, but the civic body had replaced them. As many as 120 suction pumps were used to drain out water from low-lying areas.

We hope that the rain God save some showers for the rest of the year and hopefully the situation comes under control to get Mumbai back on track!

Source: TOI