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Here’s Why PM Modi’s 3-day US visit was a big hit!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been on a 3-day visit (6-8 Jun) to US, with a simple message: how the relationship between the world’s two biggest democracies would form “one of the defining partnerships” of the 21st century. And he not just succeeded in doing so, but also left a World class mark.

Here’s why:

Making India closer to America than ever before: 

With his regular impactful visits to the US (this being his 4th visit in 2 yrs) and making the right impression, Modi has successfully bought India much more closer to US (even more so than its neighbor Mexico!)

Obama and Modi had “compiled a road map” describing “what we will be doing together to achieve       the World’s leader vision.”

Powerful Words (ref: Modi’s speech to the US Congress): 

The impression can be judged from the fact that during his 48 minutes speech, Modi got 9 standing ovations and 64 round of loud applauses. Terrific!

Forming a part of MTCR and NSG: 

As per the statement released on 7th Jun, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi “looked forward to India’s imminent entry into the Missile Technology Control Regime” (MTCR), and that Obama “welcomed India’s application to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)”

This will be such a key force driving India’s International Relations in the future, and will have a major         impact of how World see us.

Modi with Obama
Modi with Obama

Strategic Ties:

During Mr. Modi’s visit the U.S. declared India a “major defence partner”, a designation specially created to describe this new relationship and one that is just short of a military alliance.

Modi took the theme forward by saying, “A stronger and prosperous India is in America’s strategic interest.”


Well, once he was denied a US visa and today he is being offered a Congressional Medal and a citizenship to go with it! Such is a turnaround created by PM Narendra Modi in such a short span of time. Kudos.

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