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Hilarious Spoof of ‘Gerua’ featuring SRK

Spoof King Shudh Desi Endings released a new version of a song from movie Dilwale on their song parody channel Shudh Desi Gaane. This is a hilarious spoof of ‘Gerua’ featuring SRK with singer and lyricist Salil Jamdar of this version of song. Both artists just trying to pull each other’s legs during the whole video.

The song gives impression of a frustrated Bollywood movie lover who compares Bollywood to Mathematics for the same tried and old formulas being used in all of our movies.

The lyrics of the parody emphasizes on excessive use of special effects on locations and shooting elements. Also the writing team has very purposefully merged KKR, awards and even Ajay Devgan in the lyrics. The video is also going on the similar lines with the original one, but obviously in a funnier manner. In totality, this version is will not disappoint you.

But nothing is more astonishing than to find SRK in the parody song. Yes, you heard it right. Approaching to the end SRK enters the frame and teases the guy saying ‘it’s just sour grapes my boy’. This cute altercation between these guys will definitely bring a big smile to your face.

This parody was released on 19th December, just a day after the release of Dilwale. King Khan is an actual king of the industry with 23 years of experience who knows best how to promote his venture.

Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani ended this year with a box office clash, but clearly this has not affected their personal relationships.

Source: Youtube