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“Hyperloop” : A Supersonic Mode of Transport in Mumbai !

The difference between REALITY and FICTION is shrinking day by day, and this is the outcome of numerous innovations in this age! We even have the power to radically transform this Earth into a completely technology driven Planet where we can have gadgetry like a Sci-fi thriller. Latest addition to this whole new plethora of interesting innovations is the “Hyperloop”.

This word was somewhat unheard in India before Our Union Minister of Roads, Transport, Ports and Shipping Mr Nitin Gadkari invited Mr Elon Musk to test the Pilot Project here in India from Mumbai to Pune. He offered him the land along Mumbai Pune expressway for this state of the art high-speed transport network. 

This super sonic tube capsule can touch the speed of 1,120 Km per hour which can cover the distance between Mumbai and Nagpur in just 35 minutes. Mr Gadkari also stated that he has invited Tesla to run the “Hyperloop” in India and also offered the land near the transport to start a manufacturing facility.

“It is up to Tesla to decide whether or not to accept my offer,” he said.

Mr Gadkari also stressed upon the issues of traffic congestion and pollution and said that technology of Tesla will be beneficial to find effective, reliable, eco-friendly, futuristic solution to meet the intra city traveling needs of the country in future which is also economical in terms of utility.

Check this interesting video (from CNN ) yourself to feel the actual understanding of this cutting edge technology which holds a lot of promise for the future.

Source: Yourstory