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Ideas to take better photos with your Smartphone!

Did you know that time spent on Social Media by users is directly correlated to Camera Sales! This proves the point that we all love to take pictures – to capture those memories; to stock it forever OR share it with the World.

We often click and re-click to get that picture perfect image but still fail to reach the desired end. But here is when some tips and tricks will come to your rescue.

Remember that buying yourself a top of the line smartphone doesn’t guarantee great photographs. Photography is a skill that needs practice, even if you are using a camera phone. If you want to improve your smartphone photography skills, we’ve got some useful tips for you.

Composition of the frame

This is an important part, and there are few basic rules to get this job done. Most smartphone cameras have a grid view. Enable this and you’ll see that the screen has four lines that divide the frame into nine equal parts. The rule is that your subject should be on one of the lines, preferably where these lines intersect. This may not always apply as a rule but as a beginner you will notice that this helps you click better photographs.

Use of the HDR mode

The HDR (high dynamic range) is present in most smartphone cameras. It helps balance out the lighting in a picture – the lights aren’t too bright and the shadows aren’t too dark – so that no details are lost. Using this mode is recommended in high contrast situations such as outdoor photos around midday, and this is an area where the “camera is almost outpacing the human eye.”

Use the Light to your advantage

Without light there’s no photography so it’s important to learn how to use light to your advantage. Make sure that the source of light is at your back while taking the picture or else you will end up screening the darker side of the view. In addition, remember that the light shortly after sunrise and before sunset is ideal for capturing landscape shots as well as monuments since midday light tends to ruin most landscape shots.

Adjust the Focus

Finding the right object to focus on – either in the foreground or the background – can sometimes make the image much better, rather than just pointing the camera at the scene and hoping for the best.

Try Alternative Camera Apps

The latest versions of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS both include a camera API. Third-party camera apps can plug into this API to get more advanced control over the smartphone’s camera, offering advanced controls over the camera hardware that aren’t offered in the default camera app.

Keep the camera lens clean

Be sure to keep your smartphone’s camera lens clean, too. You may need to carefully clean it if it’s picked up dirt and smudges. Try to avoid putting your phone in your pocket along with keys, coins, and other objects that could potentially scratch the lens.

We hope that these ideas serve you better and improved ways of taking pictures and making the moments into memories! Cheers!

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