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INCREDIBLE transformation of a 16 year old!

Most of us at the age of six-teen are mostly surrounded by friends, hanging out, feeling excited and exploring this new phase of teenage world. But few of us start to put our energies in our dreams.

CHRIS is one such guy who proves that any normal person with DEDICATION and WILLPOWER can achieve a strong body and mind!

This guy is a true inspiration for all the teenagers out there by proving that anyone can make a fit and healthy body without going to gym. This technique is known as CALISTHENICS.

He says, “Its been a tough but fun journey and my life has only improved ever since i started doing CALISTHENICS! Set GOALS in your life and ACCOMPLISH them, always give the best of yourself and MOTIVATE the ones around you. I use no weights or supplements, I only workout with my own BODYWEIGHT and only eat homemade food! No protein shakes etc.! ALL 100% NATURAL.”