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India born/US based PhD Student Killed UCLA Professor; What’s the real truth?

Mainak Sarkar, 38, based out of Minnesota, was the gunman identified in a murder-suicide case at UCLA. On Wednesday, 1st June 2016, Sarkar walked into Klug’s office at University of California, and shot him dead. He then took his own life.

According to the police, the motivation of murder is not clear yet.

“Everybody tries to look for a reason for this. Well, first of all, there is no good reason for this,” Beck, Police Spokesperson told. “This is a mental issue, mental derangement, but it was tied to a dispute over intellectual property.”

On the other hand, these are the last few words from Sarkar

“William Klug, UCLA professor is not the kind of person when you think of a professor. He is a very sick person. I urge every new student coming to UCLA to stay away from this guy,” Mainak Sarkar wrote on March 10 in a blog chillingly slugged “Long Dark Tunnel.”

He added: “I was this guy’s Phd student. We had personal differences. He cleverly stole all my code and gave it to another student. He made me really sick.”

UCLA says this is absolutely not true. This is the workings of his imagination.


Before the UCLA shoot, Sarkar also killed his wife, Ashley Hasti, in Brooklyn Park, a suburb of Minneapolis, whom he married in June 2011. It was unclear if they were still married at the time of their deaths. He actually had a kill list, including another professor at the UCLA university who was fortunately out of campus on that particular day.

Mainik Sarkar, was a IIT Kharagpur alumnus who had been working as a Ph.D at UCLA for several years. He worked briefly as a software developer in Bangalore and came to the US in 2003 to earn a master’s degree from Stanford, before enlisting as a doctoral student at UCLA with Klug as his advisor.

There can be multiple reasons behind Mainik’s motivation, but the truth is not clear yet, because it seems like the true evidence is not being bought to the table.

  • Suspiciously, the site evidences such as suicide note and the car he drove in, is “reported to be” not found yet

  • Moreover his blog, has also been taken off, so that his message is not made public

  • Historically, Mainik has been an excellent student and employee – as clear from his LinkedIn profile. All of it can’t be denied, by charging him of a vague mental issue

We are definitely not trying to justify his actions but just curious to know his real motivations, that should be found & acknowledged.

At the end, this student-teacher relationship took such an ugly turn, that it ended up at the cost of precious lives. Quite heartening to see that hatred is so devastating, that it can completely overtake minds – even that of highly educated and intelligent souls.

Source: CNN