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India’s very own Supercomputer ‘Bhaskara’ Unveiled!

To help meteorologists in research and weather prediction the scientists have come up with a Supercomputer called ‘Bhaskara’. This new technology will take India much ahead of China and the UK and will enable to match the facilities of Europe and the US, in this field.

Union Minister Harsha Vardhan, dedicated the supercomputer ‘Bhaskara’ to the nation, to enable more probabilistic forecasts within the generally accepted time window of about five hours from the standard observation time.

Bhaskara is part of the Earth System Science Organisation of the Ministry of Earth Sciences that will considerably enhance prediction capabilities like tropical cyclones, heavy rainfall, cloud burst events and monsoon, using very high resolution regional models.

This will surely give a sigh of relief to the country, as better weather predictions will help to take note of any devastating natural calamity in advance.

It will also enable us to be better equipped for the same.

Source: India Today