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Insane Wild Safari Attacks Caught On Tape

Many folks dream of going on safari and seeing wild animals in their most natural state.

Embarking on a vehicle like a jeep with cameras in tow with a guide is the typical way that people plan a safari.

But safaris are lot dangerous than you might think. Sometimes due to fatal injuries and sometimes Death.

All it takes is a wrong look, poor timing of the camera, or catching a massive wild beast in a bad mood to start a terrifying incident where people might have to pray for their lives.

Despite these huge risks, people continue to book their tickets to a safari-trip even several years in advance with no concern for their lives.

But it’s not always with the “happy ending”.Here is the collection of the most of the crazy, thrilling and life threatening Safari-attacks ever caught on tape. 

Top 10 wild animal safari attacks on people tourists, hunters and enthusiasts:

Though the Forest officials and guides have published various literature on basic safari etiquette. But sometimes, even following the customs and rules aren’t always enough.

Take a lesson from the people in this video, and hopefully when you go on your safari-ride, you won’t be in the part two to this series.