home Business ‘Internet-first restaurants’ is becoming a hot favorite amongst MNC employees

‘Internet-first restaurants’ is becoming a hot favorite amongst MNC employees

QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) are now giving way to the fast growing IFR (Internet First Restaurants). To name a few HolachefSpoonjoy, Frsh, Yumist, Eatlo, Hello Curry,& FreshMenu forms the early movers in the space that work on a delivery-based model. These food delivery options are a hot favorite for the working class as they give a change of taste in a very accessible manner. One just needs to place an on-line order and it gets delivered within minutes at the office space itself.

These food chains are experimenting with various models at the back end, to bring a range of innovations to production, distribution and supply chain. Some of the restaurants such as SpoonJoy have a network of 10 kitchens from where they supply lunch, dinner, snacks and fruits; they also have a vast variety of menu with 20 dishes per day while others like Yumist have a model of one central kitchen and a limited number of dishes (i.e 2 per day) for lunch only menu.

This is the result of ecommerce boom, that helped in expansion of standalone last-mile delivery logistics companies. According to industry experts this emergence of Internet-first restaurants and last-mile options for home delivery will bring a revival in the food service industry.

So yes, there are a whole lot of options to pick up from and my mouth is already watering. Do check out these new form of eating joints and let us know your favorite picks!

Source: Eco Times