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Iraqi forces seize ISIS key stronghold

On 27th December 2015,  Iraqi forces took control of the government complex in central Ramadi, the key stronghold of the terror outfit in the western city of Iraq.

According to Sabah al-Numani, a government  spokesman:

“By controlling the complex this means that they have been defeated in Ramadi,”

“The next step is to clear pockets that could exist here or there in the city”

“The complex is under our complete control, there is no presence whatsoever of Daesh fighters in the complex.”

Iraqi forces
Iraqi forces

Iraqi forces regaining control of a government complex in the city of Ramadi is said to be a major blow to Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria in the struggle to retake the city.

The jihadi outfit had captured the strategic city of Ramadi located west of Iraq’s capital Baghdad, since May 2014, when army troops of Iraq fled to the outskirts in what was seen as a major defeat.

The counter strike has been led by members of U.S. trained Iraq’s elite counter-terrorism unit, who have taken the lead in battling the militants and circumventing the booby traps laid down by ISIS militants throughout the city.

Iraqi Forces celebrating victory
Iraqi Forces celebrating victory

“I think the liberation of the government complex will be the falling domino that leads to the fall of the rest of the districts,”

Hisham al-Hashimi, an Iraqi expert

Meanwhile, a US defense personnel announced on Sunday that it was not clear whether the complex had been regained.

“We are unable to confirm at this time whether or not they have cleared the government center,”

The expected loss of Ramadi would be the latest in a series of defeats for ISIS in recent months in both Iraq and Syria.

Recently in November, ISIS lost the city of Sinjar, the ancestral homeland of the Yazidi minority, to an assault led by the Kurdish military forces backed by US warplanes.

Source : The Guardian