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Is ‘Taj Mahal’, the 366-year-old monument of love, changing its color?

A new Indo-US study has identified the pollutants that are causing the marble of India’s iconic Taj Mahal to turn yellow. Researchers say years of burning fossil fuels, biomass and garbage as well as dust has left behind carbon deposits which are turning the white marble dome and minarets of the Taj Mahal brownish yellow.

Many have long blamed air pollution for discoloring the famed monument, but the year-long study by two American universities – the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Wisconsin – the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur, and the Archeological Survey of India have identified the specific causes.

However, according to the Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma, “The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is regularly monitoring ambient air quality around Taj Mahal and attending to essential conservation, preservation and environmental development works to reduce the effect of pollution on marble surface. The iconic mausoleum is in a good state of preservation due to the consistent efforts of the agency.”

Taj Mahal, is our nations pride, and part of the seven wonders of the world. It is not just the responsibility of civil authorities, but each one of us should ensure to keep its surroundings clean to conserve our heritage, in its prime!

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