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Is the law & media different for Akash Ambani’s Hit & Run Case?

On the quite night of Dec 8th 2013, an Aston Martin Rapide apparently driven by Akash Ambani – son of the richest industrialist in the country Mukesh Ambani – smashed into a deadly accident at the Peddar Road taking away two innocent lives.

The case was immediately spread across social media and even some of the Mumbai Newspapers pointing out this story, however Mumbai police succeeded in protecting the identity of the real culprit by quickly removing posts and links from online media and websites. Due to Mukesh Ambani’s heavy influence the case never received the desired limelight and there were no arrests made. This is a matter of utter SHAME!

Reliance has stated that the car was being driven by a chauffeur and was headed for a ‘ritual maintenance’. Really? So why was it being driven in the opposite direction and that too at 1:30 am on a Sunday?

Another twist – One day later, Bansilal Joshi, the 55-year-old chauffeur who works for the Ambanis, ‘surrendered’ before the Gamdevi police, claiming he was driving the Aston Martin at the time of the accident. It all seems so cooked up!

On the one hand, we call the judiciary system very fair to penalize Salman Khan for the hit & run accident, that puts him under strict scanner. And on the other hand our media and police acts as dumb puppets to not even highlight Ambani’s case in public domain. Let’s be fair – Salman Khan – has atleast done so much good for the society by his ongoing charity initiatives that he takes a special place in a common man’s heart. But we understand, there is no forgiveness in the eyes of law. Then why are we so kind for the richi-rich? Do they carry special privileges to do the undesired?

Why is the media silent on this matter, which has not invited a single biting comment from either the Congress or the BJP? The nation really needs to know the facts to fit the pieces of this puzzle rightly.

Source: Millenium Post