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Is the PM’s Sanitation Drive only for publicity?

Believe it or not but the amount spent by the central government on media campaign for sanitation drive since last one year is equivalent to amount required for building toilets for 50 lakh to one crore families in the country. This comes as a harsh statement from the Uttar Pradesh Minister Mohd Azam, who slams the Central government by saying that ‘sanitation drive’ was only for publicity.

The minister said, “Only publicity does not help in development of the country, but concrete steps were needed. Instead of publicity, an immediate action plan be prepared to construct toilets for the poor and workers in rural areas.”

Courtesy: The Hindu
Courtesy: The Hindu

Though we are not sure if this statement is based on hard facts however this conversation again led to political arguments where the BJP spokesperson back-fired by saying that the SP government is indulging in wastage of funds on publicity and that the sanitation campaign has been launched with a noble reason to keep our country clean. We hope and wish that the latter is true for the good of the nation!

And let not politics come in the way of making India clean. We all should individually strive for doing our bit.

Watch out this video that nicely brings out our responsibility in cleaning up the country:

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