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ISRO Launches Record “20 Satellites” At One Go!

Record 20 satellites have been placed in their respective orbits & places, in just 26 minutes. All of this in a single space rocket launch from Satish Dhawan Space Centre Sriharikota (110 kms away from Chennai) – is ISRO’s new record. In 2008, ISRO sent just 10 satellites in a single mission but this time they have outnumbered their own record as far as launching and placement of these satellites is concerned.

The record of most number of satellites in one single mission is owned by Russian space agency that is 33 in total in 2014. The National aeronautics space Administration of America (NASA) has also sent 29 satellites in only one mission in 2013.

The total number of 13 out of 20 satellites are from US-based companies which were sent into the orbit PSLV C-34 India’s Indigenously built launch vehicle. The remaining seven excluding cartosat-2 were from Germany, Canada and Indonesia though ISRO doesn’t specify how many satellites are there from each of these countries.

This state of the art technological advancement has straightaway taken India to amazing heights in the multimillion dollar space satellites launching Industry.


The best part of this Launch was that cost of this indigenous launching is very low as compared to Russia, America and other international players so it gives ISRO an added Competitive edge in terms of pricing of these types of launches.

“India is attracting key foreign players, most importantly the US, in the space market thanks to its cost effectiveness and credibility “, said expert Ajay Like, a senior fellow at New Delhi Institute for Defence studies and Analysis, who was not part of the team.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also hailed the extremely special achievement in the field of space science and technology by tweeting this:

ISRO’S competence and reliability coupled with low-cost of launching these satellites into the space has allowed it to join the ranks of NASA, Spacex and Blue Origin in the elite list of world-renowned space agencies with a great track record.

Source: Sciencealert.com