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Kejriwal realized that he should have stopped the speech

Continued from the yesterday’s news story of the heartbreaking suicide of a farmer, in front of the on-going AAP rally; the party leader realized and made a public unconditional apology for continuing with his speech even after Gajendra Singh’s death.

Kejriwal was quoted by news agencies as saying, “When his body was brought down, we got to know he was still alive and he was rushed to the hospital by Aam Aadmi Party volunteers. After that I started to give my speech and said, “I don’t feel like talking. I was supposed to speak for an hour, but somehow tried to wrap it up in 15-20 minutes. I think, yes, this was my mistake. Maybe I should not have spoken at that time. But I could not make it out at that time. I apologise if anyone’s sentiments have been hurt by it.”

On the other hand, adding a new angle to the story, the Delhi police’s crime branch probing the death of farmer Gajendra Singh at the AAP rally, suspect that Singh’s intention could have been to climb the tree and make a statement for the cameras – making it an entirely stage managed show. According to Indian express, the victim’s family members have alleged that it was an AAP leader who had called him to the event. Singh had also told his relatives and friends about the calls made to him by the AAP leader, but police have not found any specific number yet.

It will be a real shock for the nation, if the story reveals hidden intentions of political parties in this suicide case. Let me know your opinion on the topic – do you think such acts can be staged to a level which can lead to individual’s death? Hard to believe.

Sources: Indian Express, Economic Times