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“The Key” to Marital Cord or Discord !

Our lives revolves around relationships or we can say relationships are the core of our lives. Most of the relationships are part of our legacy which we generally get by birth but this one relationship which originates from our choice is marriage. Marriage is an arrangement between two people who enter into the wedlock willingly not just by default.

“In the words of Oliver Hudson Blood relatives often have nothing to do with the family similarly family is about who you choose to make your life with.”

The relationship between those two people at times could be a very beautiful preposition or tricky and treacherous. To understand this one of the most complex but requisite relationship one has to permeate different layers of each other’s personalities to reach its logical conclusion.

One has to develop the sense of giving instead of taking all the times to really get hold of this topsy-turvy ride. This isn’t as easy as making a cup of tea, it is one of the most toughest things to do in the world. The most important aspect of this relationship lies into the trust and mutual respect and feelings we generally have for each other.

When you start realizing your dreams together the journey of life becomes pleasantly enjoying. When someone starts celebrating the success of other partner then this is the beginning of a relationship which usually lasts for a lifetime.

But this kind of understanding doesn’t develop in a day, it takes years of selflessness, hardships, struggles and companionship. By going through thick and thins of our daily routines we tend to grow in maturity with each passing day, year and month.

In beginning of this endearing journey it looks like a herculean task to each and every couple. They usually start fighting at very petty issues because of transgression of each other’s personal space due to their past life experiences, choices and preferences as singles.


None of the partner wants to leave or sacrifice anything otherwise they expect each other to follow the suit and set the example first. This is the actual blunder, it could be the key to marital cord or discord. It is completely your choice which key you want to opt.

For that you have to assess your priorities, if you prioritize each other beforehand it would be much easier to adjust and accommodate in first place. There is very thin line between good relationship or a bad relationship. One would always have the option of turning a bad relationship into a good one by doing all these little things which we have already discussed.

Here are quite a few tips for young couples in their quest to build a solid foundation for their bonds of life

  • Give enough time to each other by doing small little things like having morning tea together and having a small little chat just before going to bed in the night.
  • A husband always has to notice small little gestures of his wife whether she has been wearing some new dress or earring or any other fashion accessory. This shows your level of attentiveness towards her and makes her happy which helps in nurturing better relationships.
  • Wives are also needed to be equally attentive towards the work pressures of their male counterparts because it helps them in relieving or calming the nerves of their husbands when they get back from their work in the evening which ultimately helps in building strong relationships.