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Launch of ‘Digital India’ by Modi government expected in July

‘Digital India’ is one of the pet projects under PM Narendra Modi. On Friday (May 29th, 2015), the PM re-emphasized the need for using information technology to improve governance and spread education and medical facilities across the country.

In his first speech from the Red Fort in New Delhi, he said that, “Youth belonging to the IT profession have paved the way for establishing India’s new identity in the world. Digital India is our dream for the nation. When I say ‘digital India’ it is not meant for the rich but for those who are poor,”

The best part of the program is its reach beyond the metropolitan to the rural areas and villages. He emphasized:

If the villages could be connected with broadband, education could be provided to children in even the last school and telemedicine facilities could greatly help the poor. With greater use of mobile phones,  the facility could be used by the poor to operate bank accounts, seek benefits of government schemes and run businesses.

Though no formal dates have been fixed yet, the Digital India Week (DIW) is likely to take off in July, and will involve stakeholders across state governments and ministries, and is expected to be the flagship programme for the second year of the BJP government.

As part of the run-up to the DIW, events such as hackathons, training programmes and webinars would be held in schools and colleges, followed by crowdsourcing ideas through the government’s portal MyGov, as well as a new Digital India portal that is being designed.

“It will educate people on various important services such as digital literacy, cyber hygiene and e-waste management, and also look at engaging a large number of people, especially youth on a continuous basis,” said a person familiar with the ongoing preparation.

This is a great move by the new government and is quite promising to bring a mass-level change. Even the thought of ‘digitally enabled’ India feels extremely impressive. We wish Good Luck for the campaign and hope it achieves its target in the best possible manner.

Source: FirstPost