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Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?

Blame it to our lifestyles or the sky rocketing expectations, each one of us today certainly feels that our lives have become very difficult to cope up with. Lack of time, struggle in relationships, not able to pursue hobbies, no free time etc. are the common problems of every urban resident. However, don’t you think these are all SELF CREATED problems?

Think twice, why do these problems arise? Because we want it all. We want every dam thing; be it variety in clothing, food, home accessories, vehicle [endless list] – that the advertisers want to sell us. And to accomplish all that we start running. We run in an endless race, that goes on and on with no time to take a break or relax or ponder over what we have achieved/missed so far.

This cycle of constant pressure and constant running makes life difficult.

On the other hand, if we keep it simple by having a simple lifestyle, simple living, minimal materialistic wants but having full time in hand for family, friends and most importantly self. Self talk, self meditation and self appreciation is equally important.

Life would be so much more manageable & rewarding like this.

And all this is not easier said than done. Here we have a live example of man called Jon, who is a farmer from northeastern Thailand. He shares his story of how he made his life from super complex to ‘as simple as possible’: