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‘Maid in India’ more expensive, with the New Govt. Policy for Domestic Helps

Ask any Indian living abroad and you will know what a luxury it is to have a full-time domestic help, at your service. It is one of those service perks that becomes very difficult to afford in the Western countries due to scarcity of labor.

Now to return favor for this service and protect the rights of domestic workers, the government is working on a National Policy that proposes a minimum salary of Rs 9,000 per month for the skilled full-time household helps, along with a host of benefits including social security cover and mandatory leaves. Other important clause also includes provisions against sexual harassment and bonded labour and compulsory paid leave of 15 days a year as also the maternity leave.

Justice for Domestic Help

Besides, the Policy provides that the domestic workers be given a right to pursue education, a safe working environment and a grievance redressal mechanism. It also has a provision for mandatory contribution from the employer towards social security of the domestic workers.

The Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya says: “The policy framework is on par with the standards of the International Labour Organisation. India has adopted the ILO convention on domestic workers and therefore we have to make a policy for this segment of the society,”

Once finalized, this draft ‘National Policy for Domestic Workers’, would be soon moved for approval of the Union Cabinet, which is pending since 2007 under the UPA govt.

Source: Eco Times