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Man denied a job for being a ‘Muslim’? This is a shame!!

Believe it or not – a 22-year-old MBA graduate from Kurla, Zeshan Ali Khan, was declined employment in a leading diamond export company in Mumbai, on the grounds that he was a MUSLIM. The candidate has now filed an FIR against the firm complaining that he applied for a job in the marketing department on May 19, and within 15 minutes, received a reply saying, “We regret to inform you that we hire only non-Muslim candidates.”

“I thought a company with a global presence would have a more liberal outlook. I was shocked to see the email and never imagined that such discrimination existed,” Khan said, adding that he would never want to work with the company. He had applied along with two other classmates who were eventually shortlisted for the interview.

Senior Inspector Subhash Raut from VB Nagar Police Station confirmed a first information report has been filed. “A complaint has been filed under the Indian Penal Code Section 153B (imputations, assertions prejudicial to national integration) and subsections B and C, and the case has been transferred to the BKC Police Station as the company’s office is located in its jurisdiction.”

However the company later sent a clarification e-mail saying

“We would like to clarify that the company does not discriminate candidates for appointment based on gender, caste, religion, etc. This erroneous email was sent by my colleague who has joined recently, and is still on training. Any hurt caused in the matter is deeply regretted.”

This biased treatment – on the basis of religion – is a complete nonsense. Such instances, even if it happens by mistake, shows the kind of mentality that is still prevalent in our society, inspite of being “the largest democracy”of the world.

Grow up Guys and look at the larger picture. Religion is just a medium of self belief and not the qualification or degree itself.

Sources: Zee News, The Hindu