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Mass Breakout by 200 Prisoners from a Brazilian Jail is So Shocking!

After staging a riot and destroying a fence, around 200 prisoners staged a breakout from a Brazilian prison on Thursday (29th Sep). The incident happened early morning, when prisoners had escaped from the Jardinopolis prison, northwest of Sao Paulo. It was later confirmed by the Brazil’s G1 news portal that about 100 of them have been recaptured.

The riot began at the morning check-up, with prisoners burning mattresses and rushing the fence. Once the fence broke, the prisoners escaped down a four-meter slope and across a road.

At the same time, in that chaos, many of prisoners knocked down a 13-foot (4 meter) tall mesh security fence, allowing them to flee into surrounding sugar cane fields and along a nearby river.

The military police said in a statement that a broad recapture operation immediately begun, adding that around 100 were captured. These were then taken to a different prison in the nearby town of Ribeirao Preto.


There was no immediate word on possible deaths or injuries among guards or inmates.

One of the reasons sighted for this break down was over capacity of inmates in the jail. According to G1, the Jardinopolis prison has a capacity for 1,080 prisoners but currently holds 1,864 inmates.