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Mass shooting in US, almost everyday

According to the news reports, the instance of ‘Mass Shooting’ happens as often as once in every day in the US. This is really shocking but true.

How do you define a ‘Mass Shooting’? Experts feel that mass shootings is the one that involves four or more deaths.

Including the worst mass shooting of the year that unfolded horrifically on Wednesday (2nd Dec 2015) in San Bernardino, California, a total of 462 people died and 1,314 injured (including earlier shootings), many of which occurred on the streets or in public settings. According to shootingtracker, a database that tracks mass-shooting, there have been at least 354 such instances in ~220 cities, in 47 states.

Mass Shooting_Aftermath
Mass Shooting_Aftermath

The stream of shootings this year — including an attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado that left three dead (Nov 2015) and a shooting at a community college in Oregon that left 10 dead, including the gunman (Oct 2015) — has intensified the debate over the accessibility of powerful firearms.

Acc. to Ted Alcorn, Director, Gun Safety, a nonprofit organization that advocates gun control, said the shootings with multiple victims were just a small subset of everyday gun violence in America. “You have 14 people dead in California and that’s a horrible tragedy,” he said. “But likely 88 other people died today from gun violence in the United States.”

There are some shocking trends, that come out:

  • Only 11 percent of cases did medical, school or legal authorities note signs of mental illness in the gunmen
  • 57 percent of the cases, the victims included a current or former partner or family member of the shooter. Half of all victims were women
  • Two-thirds of the shootings took place in private residences; about 28 percent occurred in public spaces

Even in the most developed nations of the World, there exist problems that we, the people, create ourselves. Apparently, the survival is equally challenging even in the Western countries, just the reasons vary from the third World problems.

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