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Miraculous: This Army man survived under the snow for 5 days!

It was a miracle that Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad, defied his death as he was rescued from under 35 ft of snow, in -45°Celsius temperature. That’s not all, this happened nearly five days after a deadly avalanche struck an Indian Army post in Siachen an altitude of 19,600 feet.

However, Koppad’s condition,  who is being treated at Army’s Research and Referral hospital for frost bite, has worsened. Koppad was flown to New Delhi from Siachen Glacier on the morning of Tuesday, 9 Feb. He hails from Karnataka.

Avalanche, Siachen
Avalanche, Siachen

According to sources, doctors treating him have told that Koppad is in a ‘multi-organ dysfunction’ state and remains very critical. There are evidences of oxygen deprivation in the brain and pneumonia in both lungs, doctors added.

A Medical bulletin told :

“The entire team was in agreement with the management (of medical problems) that the patient had undergone till now, and concurred with the future plan of management for him”

Search operation at Siachen
Search operation at Siachen

Lt Gen D S Hooda, Northern Army Commander told that nine other Army personnel at the post, including a junior commissioned officer (JCO), of Madras Regiment died in the terrible incident. He added :

“Five bodies have been recovered so far and four bodies have been identified”

Heroic Survival :

  • Experts claim 92% of completely buried avalanche victims can be revived only if recovered within the first 15 minutes, while only 27% average victims are alive after 35 minute, Moreover, brain damage starts approximately 10 minutes before death.
  • On the other hand, Lance Naik Koppad, was rescued after five days of the avalanche. He’d have to constantly battle high altitude pulmonary odema, cerebral odema, hypothermia, hypoxia and frost-bite.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Army Chief, General Dalbir Singh Suhag went to the R&R hospital to inquire about Koppad’s health. Modi tweeted :

Modi and Dalbir singh meet the brave soldier
Modi and Dalbir singh meet the brave soldier

Meanwhile, Prayers are being organized in various parts of the country for nation’s brave-heart.

Nation prays for Siachen Survivor
Nation prays for Siachen Survivor

Also, a woman named ‘Nidhi Pandey’ from Uttar Pradesh volunteered to donate a kidney to Koppad, who is battling for his life. In addition, an ex-Navy sailor in Mumbai offered any organ to save the brave soldier.

We salute this braveheart and hopes that he gets on a fast track recovery path soon!

Source : TOI