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Miraculous! Patient’s heart revived 45 minutes after it stopped beating!

Jaysukbhai Thaker, 38-year-old stationery shop owner, was moved to the Chennai’s Fortis Malar Hospital with a critical heart condition. In a heart-wrenching situation, his heart stopped beating for nearly 45 minutes despite the efforts of a team of doctors and paramedics. But by God’s grace and medical efforts his life was rescued by a heart transplant from from a brain dead patient in Hyderabad.

Now due to the efforts of the esteemed group of physicians, he is recovering and looking to go back to his work.

Thaker suffered from a critical heart condition, known as dilated cardiomyopathy. His heart stopped abruptly a week after he was admitted to the hospital, and for nearly 45 minutes. The physicians at the Chennai hospital did not give up, and as they later said, pushed medical care to the fullest to hear his heartbeat once again. At about 8:30 am on that day, nurses and doctors heard wife Manisha scream for help, and rushed into the patient’s cabin with equipment to revive him.

Even as he was being admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), the doctors knew that they had lost valuable time, as blood supply to the brain and other parts of the body had been reduced.


Doctors then put the patient on a left ventricular assisted device (LVAD), essentially an artificial heart, and waited for a new heart.

Miraculously, they received a call four days later from Hyderabad informing them that a heart was available from a brain-dead patient. The physicians had it couriered to them, as none of the doctors in Hyderabad were there to harvest it.

Today, as doctors declared Thakur fit for discharge, an emotional Manisha couldn’t stop crying. “Now that I can breathe easy, I will go back to my job,” said Thaker.

Source: TOI