home Politics Modi takes dig at Gandhi’s; “Family disrupting Parliament to avenge poll defeat”

Modi takes dig at Gandhi’s; “Family disrupting Parliament to avenge poll defeat”

PM Modi accused the Gandhi family of disrupting the parliament to take revenge for its loss in the Lok Sabha elections and therefore blocking the passage of bills aimed at benefiting the poor citizens.

While addressing tea garden workers in the poll-bound state of Assam, Modi said “one family” was indulging in “negative politics”, he told :

“There are many leaders and parties even in the opposition who oppose Modi, the BJP and the government but they want Parliament to run and carry out is business”

“But one family is so rigid that they do not allow the Rajya Sabha to function and the nation’s agenda of development to be taken forward because the people of the country have defeated them”

“Those who have lost the election (in 2014) and have come down from 400 to 40 have decided not to allow Modi to work. They have decided to create obstacles and difficulties. The conspiracy for the same is going on”

“They have now decided to take revenge from people, from the poor workers” for voting the Congress out of power”

PM Modi at Assam rally
PM Modi at Assam rally

Even though, PM Modi did not name the “family”, the reference was obviously to the Sonia Gandhi family.

While referring the farmers, the Prime Minister referred to the recently-launched Crop Insurance Scheme and claimed that it was better than those of the previous governments as it ensures protection to poor farmers from natural disasters.

BJP registered a thumping victory with majority in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections but the party has struggled with its legislative agenda lately, because of a lack of numbers in Parliament’s upper house, the Rajya Sabha.

Source: Zee News