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Molestation Takes Away the Life of Another Teen Girl in Punjab

Arshdeep Kaur, a 13-year old girl, was molested and then thrown off the running bus in Punjab, after which she was declared dead. Yet another unfortunate case of girl molestation – a “man” made crisis of its own.

Courtesy: NDTV
Courtesy: NDTV

Kaur along with her mother (36 year old) and brother (just 10 year old) were going to visit a Gurudwara and therefore boarded this bus, which had dark windows and curtains. Seldom did they know that this would become this girl’s last journey of the life. Both the females were attacked by four men including the driver, the bus conductor, a cleaner and their friend however the sad part of the story is that none among-st the dozen passengers came forward to help them. After being pushed out of the bus, the girl died on the spot whereas the mother suffered serious  injuries.

Courtesy: ibnLive
Courtesy: ibnLive


All the four accused have now been arrested and the union ministry has asked for an investigation report on the case. However, is that enough we can do as a society? Will the arrest of these 4 accused set the right example for all the men out there who have ill-tendencies against the women. Nopes – our women deserve much more.

And there is a need of a stronger message to be delivered. ‘Capital punishment’? No, not even this – as it will be an easy escape ….such criminal minds deserve a ‘third degree torture’ both physically and mentally – to ensure that no one dares to even think about such inhuman act in the future.

India – Please share your views on how you feel we can ensure a change of mindset & more respect for women in our society?

Sources: NDTV, Hindustan Times