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Must Watch: Sachin The Film – Teaser Out!!

For all you cricket fans out there, your God himself has given you the greatest gift of your lives. Just as we keep our God’s idols with us in our homes, now all you cricket fans can possess your God in virtual form, which will strengthen your bond in the desired way. Teaser of Sachin the film is out now and the video has crossed 1 million views in just two hours. This is the charm of this God of Cricket.


A 200 Not Out Production and Carnival Motion Pictures film “Sachin: A Billion Dreams” teaser opens with the God’s voice about the sayings he heard from his father about not only being a good cricketer but also a good person. You will feel a hit on your adrenal grand and a harmonic imbalance. Whether a cricket fan or not this will definitely give you goose bumps.

200 Not Out Production, as they claim, is a new age film production company who has over 150 advertisements  and short films to their credit. And by choosing 200 Not Out as the title of their production house, they are paying their tribute to the Master Blaster.

 “Lightning bolts from down the earth lit up the sky amidst thunderous chants. And the heavens bowed down to the God who scripted a legendary tale to be passed on for the generations to come. It was the day when the master blaster set a world record with his historic knock of 200 not out.

The name of our production house – 200NOTOUT* is a tribute to this extraordinary, spirited innings of the master-blaster.” Claimed 200 Not Out Production on their website.

200 Not Out Production
200 Not Out Production


Let’s have a look the teaser and feel proud to be part of Sachin Era.



Here are the other official posters of the movie.

Sachin the film poster 2
Sachin the film poster 2
Sachin the film poster 2
Sachin the film poster 3


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