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‘Navic’ is India’s own Navigator

With the launch of PSLV- C33 (Polar satellite launch vehicle) from Satish Dhawan space centre, Sri Hari Kota last week, India became fifth nation/Bloc to enter this elite club with US, Russia, China and EU. ISRO successfully launched and delivered IRNSS-IG seventh and last in the series of seven satellites. Our scientists at ISRO have to be congratulated for this exceptional achievement.

This system will be fully operational within two months states Mr. B Jaykumar, Mission Director of IRNSS-IG. It will provide positioning and navigation services to Smartphones and vehicles fitted with devices with expected positional accuracy of 20 meters.

During Kargil war we were denied the use of Global positioning system by US authorities. Therefore, the defense personnel worked on these lines and here we have got our own positioning system in place for all our requirements whether strategic or general.

Navic is Navigation with Indian constellation satellites, name given by Prime minister Modi for India’s indigenous Navigation and positioning system.

He also stressed that this system will help in Marine Navigation, Disaster Management, Rail Transport, Aviation Services as well as our fishermen and all the SAARC Nations.

Other areas that are going to be benefitted includes defense and military applications with an accuracy of 10 meters. Encrypted services will be used for delivery of missiles and weapons with precision by our Armed Forces. Navigation and tracking of aircrafts is also come under restricted services.

Indian Regional Navigation satellite System (IRNSS-1G) offers Vehicle tracking, Fleet management, Visual and Voice Navigation to drivers, Assistance to travelers with mobile connectivity. Moreover it will work in remote and distant regions of the country as well.

Ready to launch
Ready to launch

It is commendable that India become the fifth entity to enter this elite club. We have become self-reliant and well equipped for our future requirements in terms of defense and military applications. Indeed a proud moment for people of India all over the world, it has enhanced the international standing of our country in the World order.

Source: The times of India