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Nepal Earthquake is also about Miracles & Hopes

Extreme conditions often brings out the best or the worst from the mankind. At times, it completely rubs off your faith in almighty or it may just re-inforce the faith.

In the midst of thousands of lost lives and shattered homes in the Nepal Earthquake, there emerged many miraculous stories that make us believe in the marvel of the super power. One such story is that of a baby boy who has been rescued from the rubble of the Nepal earthquake after being buried under a collapsed building for almost 22 hours.

Rescuers were called after the boy’s family house in the town of Bhaktapur collapsed in the 7.8-magnitude earthquake on Saturday. They tried until midnight to pull him from the rubble without success. But the boy’s father continued to hear him cry and the rescue team returned the next morning, eventually pulling him out alive.

The following video captures the extreme condition in which the boy was covered and how he was pulled to safety by members of the armed forces

There are several other such stories such as a 23-year-old maid, Krishna Devi Khadka, was found alive lying along with the bodies of three other people. A teenage boy, Pemba Lama, was rescued from the rubble of a Kathmandu hotel, where he was trapped for almost five days.

“There were times when I thought I was dead and then I would wake up again to find myself beneath the rubble,” the teenager told the Los Angeles Times after being rescued

On the other hand, there are more than a thousand European Union citizens in Nepal who are still unaccounted for, nearly a week after a massive quake that hit during the peak trekking season. Most were trekking in the remote Langtang mountain range near the epicentre or in the Everest region.

An EU official said on condition of anonymity the majority were likely to be found safe and well but that their status was currently unknown given the difficult terrain and lack of access to affected regions.

We too hope for the safety and good health of all the survivors.

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