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Nepal’s PM on India visit says “We want good relation with both India & China”

On Thursday, during his recent visit to India, Nepal‘s Prime Minister KP Oli refuted the allegation of Nepal playing “China Card” on India and told that he wants to develop  friendly relations with both neighbors.

PM KP Oli, while addressing a press conference ahead of his maiden six-day India visit, which is also his first foreign visit, denied the allegations that he played the “China card” against India in the wake of the border blockade due to protests by ‘Madhesis’ that caused severe shortage of essential goods, including petrol and cooking gas, in the country. He said:

“It is not true that Nepal has played any card against India”

He then said in a lighter vein :

” I am not a gambler and, therefore, will not play any card. I have no trust in any card, and I will not play it against one or the other.”

“We want to develop friendly relations with both our great neighbors on the basis of mutual respect and benefit”


Oli told asserted that rebuilding the lost friendship is the key mission. He told :

“Having to rebuild the ruined foundation is a tall order. But we will do it in a fine way. We will extend a hand of true friendship towards India, and will expect the same from the other side “

Sources suggests that, Oli could visit China before India due to problems in India-Nepal ties over the ‘Madhesi’ issue. However, amid strain in India-Nepal relations, China was seen by think tanks as getting closer to Nepal especially by supplying essential goods to the crisis-hit nation.

63 year old, Oli told sources that he will visit China within a month after his India visit, as part of his government’s policy to enhance cooperation with immediate neighbors.

“Our country will definitely benefit from my visit to India beginning from Friday and we won’t lose from the visit”

“To gain friendship is also a gain and we will get much more than that”

“The main focus of the visit will be to create favorable situation and to build trust”

Reportedly, both nations are expected to sign a number of pacts, mostly related to the areas on which agreement has been reached in the past.

Source : TOI