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Net Neutrality Debate awaits TRAI verdict

Net neutrality, as a principle says that Internet service providers should treat all traffic on their networks equally. However, service providers such as Airtel are raising concerns against apps like WhatsApp, claiming that they are not operating on a level playing field, and are unfairly taking away the telcos income.

To come up with a balanced solution, the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) initiated a probe into the matter and collected public comments until April 24 on new rules that may let service providers charge content companies for faster and more reliable delivery of their traffic to users.

Most of the internet-savvy population like you and me wants Net neutrality else it will limit our freedom and privacy to use the internet. In support of the cause TRAI has already received an overwhelming I million emails in support of net neutrality. To increase awareness and provide a platform between the general public and the governing authorities, there have been volunteer initiatives such as Savetheinternet.com.

In an open letter to Parliamentarians and Political Leaders, the SavetheInternet.in Coalition says,

We urge with the utmost humility that – just like the Internet – the present effort should not to be appropriated by any individual, organisation or political party. We are an apolitical group and do not have any party allegiances, but we are grateful at the support shown to our concerns by political leaders across India’s political spectrum. We hope the cause of a free and open Internet continues receiving support from all people committed to our democracy.

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