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“Never Give Up in Life” is the True Spirit of Olympic Games!!

‘Never ever give up in your lives’ is the essence of Olympics, and the results of our endeavors are inconsequential. Everybody has to go through a lot of upheavals in their lives, life is a process of trials and tribulations for each one of us but people who not only cherish their moments of success but also defy their moments of pain and losses with lot more Elan are the actual winners!

Our tryst with this never say die spirit in the sports arena is quite frequent , that is what we call true SPORTSMANSHIP. Olympics are the real mascots of this humane trait which symbolises the journey of each and every human being on this Planet.

At times when things aren’t going our way we have a whole lot of regrets with our destiny for not being very kind to us. We got so much bogged down and out, feel vindicated and sometimes we tend to lose interest in our lives due to extreme agony which we have inflicted upon us.

That is the actual time to remind ourselves that our lives are much more precious and bigger than this small facet of life which would otherwise get passed soon. Olympics are the true ambassadors of this divine spirit for decades. One such glaring example of this beautiful human emotion is Vanderlie de lima who was attacked during 2004 Olympics while he was running his marathon.

Vanderlie de lima attacked

Which not only devastated him but his precious few second were lost in the process costing him the Gold or Silver, he won the Bronze Medal in the end in that fateful race. After reaching the Stadia near finishing line he started celebrating and rejoicing his feat instantly ignoring the hiccup encountered in the way by showcasing his true sportsmanship which depicts his strong Persona.

This kind of special human trait is visible only in some super special people who leads the real path of glory irrespective of the outcome or results of their efforts. Vanderlie de lima lit the Rio 2016 Olympics Cauldron to show the undiminishing spirit and inspire all the participating athletes to go notch higher in their quest to earn medals by maintaining the sanctity of this true spirit of Olympics.

Now have a look at this beautiful video of this wonderful human being and athlete who has loads of perseverance: