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New app ‘Rewind’ helps to share photo timelines

The newly launched social photo-sharing app Rewind, gives a way to look back on your most recently shared photos and posts, which can be done by sliding finger to scroll through Rewind’s “timeline” feature. But the twist with Rewind is that none of the shares are permanent – instead, everything disappears from the app after 24 hours.

According to Rewind co-founder and CEO Anthony Duca, who previously founded and sold several other technology startups, most recently visualization software Bunkspeed in 2013, the app lets users share as many photos as they want, without feeling like they’re spamming their feeds or “being too noisy.”

The app is different from Instagram, which slows the sharing process by making one carefully choose the photos worthy of being edited and shared, and just motivates one to share all the snaps.

Before its official launch, the app has been tested with over 100 high school-ers, and found that its format seemed to inspire heavy engagement. Users were opening the app 10 times a day, and sharing 35 photos per day, on average.

Sounds pretty interesting! So go and check it out and let us know what did you like or not liked about the app?

Sources: DNAIndia, Techcrunch