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Next big thing is the Google ‘Jeans’…Yes, its your Smart Pants!

It’s all about the techy-top-secret project called Project Jacquard. 

Well, not totally secret. A few of the details of the wearable technology initiative were unveiled at Google’s developers’ conference. It is the prospect of Levi Strauss & Co. and Google Inc. joining forces to create the first wearable tech that’s also gesture-interactive.

By fall 2016, they’re hoping to have clothes on the market that are able to display information from, interact with, transmit to, and relay data from nearby devices. For instance, the wearer of jeans woven with Jacquard thread would be able to control a nearby (or potentially not so nearby) iPhone with a simple tap on their lap.

Sound crazy? The technology’s actually already been created. Now, it’s up to designers to get creative with application ideas.

According to industry experts, this integration has enormous potential — and its production has been exacting. Watch out this video to know more:

And be on the lookout for wearable jean technology, featuring Google syncability. Sounds exciting!

Source: The Gaurdian