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‘No Clean Chit to Maggi’ clarifies FSSAI

The FSSAI, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, issued a a press release to clarify that it has not given any clearance to the popular noodle snack ‘Maggi’. This communication came in on Wed (5th Aug 2015) after some of the news reports promoted a full go ahead for the ‘Maggi’ brand.

“Various reports have appeared in a section of press and electronic media stating that FSSAI or FSSAI approved lab finds maggi noodles safe. It is clarified in the first instance that FSSAI has not given any clean chit regarding the safety of Maggi Noodles,” said the release on the site of the Food Safety and Security Association of India.

The authorities also clarified that the sample test conducted by Goa authorities and by CFTRI, Mysore found out that Lead was within permissible limits. But the samples were not tested for MSG.

And on the other hand, the giant Nestle has maintained its standpoint insisting that its 2-minute Maggi Noodles has always been safe in all of its three decades of satiating taste and hunger buds young and old alike. It comes as a real shock – as the company is not just challenging the entire food & safety control system of the country but also not realizing the impact of contaminated food on the young and old!

Personally, I believe that had Nestle taken a more brave step of accepting and acknowledging the higher than permissible lead (and MSG) levels and thereafter taken corrective measures to rectify the product, would have paid a much generous consumer reaction.

Source: NDTV