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Now Gmail provides THE “Undo Send” Option

After years of accidentally sending desired emails to undesired mailing list, Gmail users now have the “Undo Send” option available to them.

From The NY Times

“After years of experimenting with it as a Labs feature, Google announced that it was formally adding an “undo send” option for web-based Gmail users. (If you are a repeat offender on mobile, the Inbox app also has an undo feature.) The new tool allows users to choose a delay time from 5 to 30 seconds in case of a change of heart.”

Isn’t that amazing?

The feature is not automatic, so users will still have to go into their settings to activate it, but that minor inconvenience is more than worth it to finally have an undo feature, in my opinion.

Are you folks excited to do some undoing? Or perhaps you’re more of the “no regrets, live with your mistakes” type? Let us know!

Source: NY Times