home Technology Now the ‘Google’ search will also display ‘Twitter’s’ tweets

Now the ‘Google’ search will also display ‘Twitter’s’ tweets

Check this out! If you google a specific term, related tweets will start appearing on Google search pages, underneath news articles and the top search term. But this will change if you search for a hashtag i.e. include a ‘#’ in front of anything. In that case, tweets are produced in a sideways-scrollable box up the top.

Interesting…isn’t it? After a deal between Google and Twitter, the search engine will start displaying real-time tweets on its search pages. The change is currently only in the US and, at the moment at least, only on mobile devices.

Apparently Google is paying Twitter a standard flat licensing fee, to have access to its real-time feed. On the other hand, Twitter would also be able to generate ad revenues from clicks on Google search, which would display live Twitter stream and would lower its dependence on users.

Yet, to be launched in India but this sounds to be an interesting innovation in the world of web .