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Odd-Even Traffic Scheme kicked off in Delhi, DU Students showed support

On Friday (1st Jan), Delhi University students cycled up to the North Campus to support the odd-even traffic scheme which is launched on trial basis from 1st January, 2016 for a period of 15 days.

Although, colleges are closed for a winter break till 4 January meanwhile the students decided to make a beginning by cycling to the campus from their homes and vowed to continue doing so till the whole year. Kudos!

Delhi Students
Delhi Students

“It is a wonderful start to the new year. My new year resolution is to restrict the use of my vehicle to Sundays. Those of us who stay nearby will cycle to college and those who stay far can use the metro and then cycle from the station to college,” SRCC student, Kushan Mehta.

“We wanted to cycle to college despite it being a holiday so that we can set an example for the other students. We are young, we have to take the lead.”

“Save Delhi, Save India”

While another student Srija Gautam from Hindu College stated:

“The formula might pose certain difficulties in the beginning as a majority of the people find travelling by cars comfortable. But we have to make a start somewhere, and now is the time.”

Delhi Odd Even
Delhi Odd Even

The odd-even vehicular restriction policy of the Delhi government was supported by horde of volunteers, who took on the streets to assist traffic police in applying the pilot plan. We hope that the plan helps control the pollution level of the city for the generations to come.

Source : NDTV