home Entertainment Official Trailer of ‘Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive’ is Hilarious

Official Trailer of ‘Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive’ is Hilarious

The official trailer for ‘Tere Bin Laden : Dead or Alive’ movie has arrived and it will tickle your ribs.

Bollywood’s comedy star Manish Paul is back with Pradhuman Singh, Piyush Mishra and Iman Crosson  with a much awaited sequel to the hilarious  comedy film of 2010, ‘Tere Bin Laden’ which was comical satire on the post 9/11 world. . The movie is directed by Abhishek Sharma.

Movie is also starring Sikandar , Sughanda Garg, Mia Udea, Rahul Singh, Chirag Vora, Shivam Pradhan, Rajesh Kumar Sharma and Ali Zafar (in a special role).

Reportedly, The film is not a conventional sequel to the first movie but can be called a spin-off.

Check out the Hilarious trailer for upcoming movie “Tere Bin Laden: Dead Or Alive” :

Plot :

This time, it’s operation ‘Osama Dead or Alive?’ Set against Osama Bin Laden’s mysterious death followed by counter reports claiming he is alive, stirring the biggest controversy in the world. The US wants to prove to the world that they shot him dead while ‘Khalili ‘(Piyush Mishra) the terrorist arm dealer wants the world to believe he is alive.

‘Tere Bin Laden – Dead or Alive’ is a whacky comical satire that transpires in this desperate tug of war between US & the Terrorists. Stuck in this distressed crossfire is a budding Bollywood director ‘Sharma’ (Manish Paul) looking for a big break, gets hired by US agent David Chaddha (Sikander) on the pretext of making a Hollywood film on Osama using his doppelgänger ‘Paddi Singh’ (Pradhuman Singh). The hidden motive is to shoot a fake tape to prove his death.