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Online fashion players now offer ‘Tailor-made’ products

Good News for the online-shoppers! To meet the demands for customized products, fashion firms like Creyate, Korra, DenimCraft & others are offering tailor-made products to meet individual needs. The customers will now get the opportunity to make a range of self-designed products — apparels, bags, shoes and accessories. The entire wardrobe of an individual can now be “made-to-measure”.

As an illustration, on the Creyate website (set up by online arm of Arvind Ltd.), customers can get tailormade versions of any outfit — denims, chinos, shirts and suits. Creyate has a vast array of options in terms of cuts, fits, fabrics, stitches and other details on the site that help create an outfit. And then customers can get a tailor to come down to their place for measurements.


Some websites exclusively design denims. At Korra, each pair of denim wear is made from scratch and is marked with the tailor’s signature and numbered to ensure traceability. All of this sounds so interesting!

As a result, the diminished tribe of tailors will now be offered new opportunities, and this time from the online world.

While Indians are catching on to this trend, these initiatives have attracted shoppers from abroad as well. These overseas clients find that products tailor-made in India are not only creative but also inexpensive when compared with the services from their counterparts in markets. Welcome move!

Do share your experience of creating and buying customized products online? Happy Shopping!

Source: Eco Times