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‘Origami Robot’: Swallowed like a Capsule to fight Stomach Ailments!

Have you ever thought of a miniature origami Robot that can slip into your stomach to pick out foreign articles? It can also do some targeted drug delivery into specific areas of the stomach. Oh, Yeah! that is quite possible with this new revelation by researchers of MIT, University of Sheffield and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

They have developed this Ingestible miniature Origami Robot to turn this tedious job which sometimes require surgery into a simpler one. This capsule size miniature robot can be swallowed which is wrapped up in a casing resembling an origami box which smartly unfolds when it reaches the digestive system.

This miniature Origami robot is made up of dried pig intestine which is generally used in sausage casings. It is folded up like an accordion and wrapped up in ice to give it a shape of a capsule. When this capsule is ingested into the stomach, ice coating melts away quickly and miniature robot opens up in the stomach.

In the centre of this micro Gadget there is a powerful magnet which gives assistance in the movement of this device inside the stomach from outside with the help of some electromagnetic field to pick out any foreign articles like button batteries etc. Without any surgery, it can also treat the patches and any internal wounds by designated delivery of medicines at specific places inside the stomach.

The need for this kind of device was conceptualized due to the reason , that alone in US some 3500 cases of swallowed Button Batteries are reported each year, in many cases surgeries are required so to erase the need of surgeries this novel technique was devised.

Here is the video of this complete procedure of this miniature origami robot which illustrates the actual working of this smart foldable device in a simulated stomach :

Source: dnaindia.com