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‘Orlando Mass Shooting’ was the Worst in US history

On Sunday, June 12th, there was an outbreak of the most brutal side of humanity by a man called Omar S. Mateen. This guy randomly shot ~50 people in a nightclub in Orlando – due to his hateful feelings towards the gay community. President Barack Obama denounced this attack as “an act of terror and an act of hate”.

In addition to the 50 people who died, there were 53 others severely injured. The death toll given by Orlando mayor made the attack “the deadliest mass shooting in US history”, eclipsing the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech university, which left 32 dead.

Mateen, 29, was the son of Afghan immigrants, who was shot and killed by police who stormed the club with armoured cars after 3 hour siege on Sunday morning. US authorities found no direct links between Islamic State militants and the gunman, and therefore described him as a him as a home-grown extremist who was inspired by radical Islamist groups.

Orlando Mass Shooting
Orlando Mass Shooting

Act of shooting

The survivors confirmed they could hear the shooter laughing loudly as he sprayed gunfire over and under the bathroom stall.

“They couldn’t see the shooter but they could hear him laughing,” Ventura said, intimating a loud cackling laugh.

Mateen’s father said his son was not radicalized but indicated the gunman had strong anti-gay feelings. His ex-wife described him as mentally unstable and violent toward her.


From the to-be Policy Makers

This attack also had an impact on the 2016 US presidential campaign, where the nominees debated on the way to tackle the issue.

Trump proposed to suspend immigration to US from countries with proven history of terrorism, while Clinton warned against demonizing Muslims and called for tougher gun safety measures.



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