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Out of the box promotional campaign by Akshay Kumar

Hats off to Akshay Kumar for pulling out the promotion of his next movie ‘Gabbar is back’ in such a people-to-people manner.

The actor has been seen travelling in an autorickshaw like a regular Mumbaikar, ride in a cab as well as play gully cricket in Delhi and walk the talk outside India Gate. He is openly discussing issues of everyday life’s with the senior citizens at a Nana-Nani park and interacting with the students, youth across the country.

Talking about the film, he says, “The strength of the common man shouldn’t be underestimated, it knows no bounds. When he’s pushed into a corner, he can be dangerous. Gabbar instills a sense of fear, which our society is lacking nowdays. One needs to fear punishment to curb the wrongdoings.” The actor, however, feels that change begins with us.

Courtesy: TOI
Courtesy: TOI

The movie ‘Gabbar is back’, directed by Krish and co-produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is based on an aam aadmi (common man) who is caught in a maze of crooked bureaucracy, corruption and social problems. The action, thriller drama shows how an ordinary man performs extraordinary tasks to ensure that justice is done. The movie also stars Shruti Hasan, as the leading lady; and is set to release on May 1, 2015.

I have always been a fan of Akshay Kumar not just for his movies but also for being an ace professional and at the same time a balanced family person. His movies such as Holiday, Oh my God! and now ‘Gabbar is back’ touches different social angles without exaggerating the problem and at the same time pictured in a realistic set up. Kudos!

Source: Times of India