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Power of Social Media: Strict Police action after the FB post highlighted Molestation

On Monday (June 1st, 2015) an Facebook Post read : “My sister availed your cab service, last night for Gurgaon & your driver Vinod tried to kiss her forcibly & even after registering complaint with you morons there has been no action, no update form your end. You people are pathetic, you still don’t have any mechanism in place.”

The post by the victims brother, drew comments of outrage against Uber cab service (an app-based taxi service) and has been shared several hundred times.

A case was registered by the Gurgaon police in connection with the incident and officials of Uber have been asked for the relevant information which has been supplied by them. Prompt investigation was carried out and the culprit driver, has now been identified.

The reply from Uber was : ‘immediate action has already been taken against the driver. Our team immediately reached out to the rider via phone within minutes of receiving the feedback….Uber has a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate behaviour and immediate action has already been taken with the driver partner even while the matter is being thoroughly investigated.’

The good thing is that ‘social media’ is not just placed to celebrate occasions and share pictures but it has great power to spread information and raise voice against the wrong doings! It is a platform for the common man and I urge you all to use this power to register anything wrong/unlawful or immoral that you see or witness in your surroundings. We have the power to make a change, or atleast begin a change, lets channelize it in the right direction!

Source: NDTV