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President Hollande declared “France is at war”

President Francois Hollande in response to Friday’s (13th Nov 2015) terror attacks in Paris, proposed sweeping new laws and more spending on public safety. He promised to eradicate terrorism, but not at the expense of his country’s freedom.

“France is at war … But we are not engaged in a war of civilisations, because these assassins do not represent any civilisation.” – President François Hollande.

In addition, he assured to increase funds for national security and strengthen anti-terror laws in response to the suicide bombings and shootings that killed 129. Hollande will be meeting the US and Russian presidents, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, in an effort to build “a union of all who can fight this terrorist army in a single coalition”.

Watch the French President addressing a joint session of the Parliament at Versailles (on 16th Nov 2015), as published by CNN.

On the evening of 13 November 2015, the city of Paris was trembled as a series of coordinated terrorist attacks (consisting of mass shootings, suicide bombings, and hostage-taking) occurred in the city and in the northern suburb of “Saint-Denis“.

There were three separate suicide bombings outside the “Stade de France” along with mass shootings and another suicide bombing at four different locations near central Paris.

The deadliest of those attacks took place at the “Bataclan theatre”, where attackers took hostages before engaging in a stand-off with police which ended at 00:58 on 14 November.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks in which 129 victims were killed and 433 people were admitted to hospital with injuries sustained in the attacks including 80 described as being critically injured.

In response, French President François Hollande announced a state of emergency, the first since the 2005 riots.He also placed Paris under the first curfew since World War II. On 15 November, France launched its largest single airstrike of “Opération Chammal“, its contribution to the anti-ISIL bombing campaign, by striking targets in Al-Raqqah, Syria, in retaliation for the attacks.

We wish to express our profound condolences for all who were killed and injured in this outrageous attack in France.

Source: CNN