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Pressure of Books lead to an IIT-ian’s Suicide

A third year, chemical engineering student of IIT-Bombay committed suicide after leaving a suicide note. The dead body has been found on the hostel terrace inside the campus of the institution.

According to the police, the  suicide note stated that he was worried about the results of his exams and was apprehensive about not getting a good placement. According to the Powai police, Sharma’s suicide note stated: “I did a mistake by appearing and passing in JEE exam. This field is not for me.”

His fellow hostel mates said that, the young boy was not doing well academically. However, he was very active in extra-curricular activities. He was involved with the groups who were coordinating in the functioning of the placement cell in the last semester.

The student, Jitesh Sharma, 21, was suffering from depression and was undergoing counselling at the institute. He had sat for two exams – one on April 24 and another on April 29 — repeat exams that he failed to clear in first year. Infact, even his family was aware that he was under tremendous stress.

It is yet another case of over expectations from an individual – intentionally or unintentionally the society, friends, family and teachers create so much pressure in our system that many a times the students fail to cope up. But we’ve already sacrificed enough to fulfill this greed.

Now is the time to be open and face the reality? Everyone can’t become an engineer or a doctor or a scientist. We need to look beyond the cycle of MNC’s, job’s and pay packages. We need to look at life at large and let the children and the youth of our country flourish and choose their ways – ‘the way they want it’ – ‘for their life’.

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