home Entertainment Priyanka Chopra shared leaked image of ‘Quantico’ via Twitter

Priyanka Chopra shared leaked image of ‘Quantico’ via Twitter

Out of all the excitement and happiness for the latest American TV series, Priyanka Chopra happen to share some leaked images and video on social media platform.

From what appears to be a major faux pas, Priyanka shared a video from a Twitter handle which has her posing for the camera, wrapped in nothing but a flag bearing the emblem of the FBI, a promotional image for her latest TV series Quantico.

Well Priyanka, we don’t think it is. Neither Quantico nor ABC network have shared the image or the video of the teaser. The video that PC has shared is from a private channel and the caption reads “Sexy Priyanka Chopra Handcuffed and Shackled”. All the latest videos of the channel have only ‘sexy’ videos of some star or other.

Well, we don’t know if it is a real video leak or promotional campaign? But it has certainly attracted lot of eye balls.

Good Luck for this new show Priyanka! Great promo!