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Rare Wildlife species recovered from a Delhi man’s residence

According to the Red Data Book of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are 47 critically endangered species in India. And if some of those rare species are illegally traded for OR poached for entertainment and money – then it’s a real shame!

In a shocking incident of this manner, a man from central Delhi’s Karol Bagh area has been arrested who was illegally in possession of some rare wildlife species. The Police recovered a green vine snake and an Indian black scorpion, both species protected under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.

According to the police:

“We received information about a man in possession of a snake and a scorpion and using them as means of entertainment at a crowded market area in Karol Bagh.”

After taking the man into custody, the Wildlife SOS was informed about the matter and they rescued the animals.

Green Wine Snake
Green Wine Snake

The green vine snake (Ahaetulla nasuta), also known as the common vine snake, is a slender and mildly venomous reptile found in South Asia. The reptile normally feeds on lizards, small birds, frogs and rodents. The Indian black scorpion is found in the Indian subcontinent and like all other genus of the Scorpionidae family, they possess venom with which they paralyze or kill their prey.

There are much better ways to make a decent living, but making use of rare wildlife species is not the way to go! Not just it is our responsibility to do every bit to protect wildlife but also inform the right authorities of any misuse of this kind.

It’s sad to see that poaching and trade of wildlife species goes on right under our nose in the country, despite having a strong legal framework that regulates and restricts the flow of wildlife trade.

Source: WPSI