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Real Stories of these 5 Young Braveheart’s will Change the Way You Think!

We often complain about the difficulties of life and forget the value of ‘Being a real Human’. A person who can feel the connection with society, people and the larger planet and have the courage to risk their lives, for the good of all. Here we bring to you REAL stories of these young Braveheart’s, which is truly inspirational:

  1. Mohit Mahendra Dalvi, Maharashtra: 14-year-old Mohit saved his 10-year-old neighbour from drowning in Banganga Lake last year. When Krishna Pashtye slipped into the lake, Mohit was the only one of the hundreds of onlookers who had the courage to dive into the lake and save her.

“I knew how to swim and so jumped in confidently. I saw the girl’s leg had stuck in mud in a ditch. I tried to get her leg out and managed to pull her out. When we came out, others rushed and helped us,” said Mohit, an orphan who lives with his paternal aunt.



2. Ramdinthara, Mizoram: On January 2, 2015, Ramdinthara saved two boys who were stuck on a transformer fence. The 15-year-old pulled the boys out with his bare hands and took them to the hospital. Son of a tea-seller, Ramdinthara was walking past the transformer when he saw that two boys were struggling to free themselves after falling on the fence. He overcame his fear in just a few seconds and grabbed their hair to pull them up. 


3. Chongtham Kuber Meitei, Manipur: 13-year-old Chongtham Kuber Meitei became a local hero after he jumped into a 10-feet deep well to save a girl from drowning. He was awarded with the General National Bravery Award.

“I won’t lie, I was really scared. But I had to jump into the well to get to her. She would have drowned,” he said.

Chongtham Kuber
Chongtham Kuber

4. Dishant Mehndiratta, Haryana: On April 4, 2015, Dishant Mehndiratta was at his home in Panchkula, with his mother and younger brother. This was when a stranger asked if he could use the toilet. And while Archana was leading the way to show him the bathroom, he suddenly took out a knife and put it on her neck.

He started threatening the children, asking them to bring out all the cash and valuables. Dishant made a quick plan and fell down on the man’s feet pretending to plead with him. And after a few seconds, he suddenly stood up, grabbed the knife from his hand, and threw it away. The family raised an alarm and got him arrested.

5. Angelica Tynsong, Meghalaya: Angelica Tynsong, 13, from Ri Bhoi district, saved her 7-month-old brother when their house caught fire on February 1, 2015. Her brother was sleeping while she was washing clothes, and their parents were not present in the house at the time of the incident.


Each of the youngsters were presented with the National Bravery Award 2016, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Their stories are truly inspirational for us to imbibe the values of courage, selflessness and hope. Life is much larger than we think, let’s make the most of it!